What’s the best way to light a Cigar?

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What’s the best way to light a Cigar?
Well…technically…the best way to light a cigar is with cedar.  You can find these on some Cigars such as Arturo Fuente Chateau’s or even in some cigar boxes used to separate cigars.  However, not everyone has cedar laying around when they’re about to light up a stick!
So let’s cut to the chase…you have a torch lighter and you want to light your cigar.  Start off by toasting the cigar with the flame about 1-2 inches away, then begin to bring the flame closer to the cigar while puffing and rotating the cigar.  DO NOT touch the flame of the lighter to the cigar because this will cause the cigar to taste harsh and ashy.  Once lit, take a look at your cigar and make sure it is lit all around, if not just touch it up with the lighter. That’s it! Easy right?!
*Just remember one thing…never use a zippo for a cigar!


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