El Septimo Sampler

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El Septimo burst onto the scene in the US just a few years ago. They've made a name for themselves and proved they belong in the conversation with the cigar industry's highest end cigars! This assortment gives you a taste of 5 different El Septimo blends, including their highest end Zaya collection! This is an unbeatable price, so if you'd like to try or already enjoy these cigars, snag a pack!

1) El Septimo The Zaya Collection Bomba Orange $70 MSRP
2) El Septimo The Zaya Collection Excepcion Esmeralda $60 MSRP
3) El Septimo Emperor Collection Napoleon Connecticut $32 MSRP
4) El Septimo The Sacred Arts Collection Botticelli $26 MSRP
5) El Septimo Emperor Collection Yao Connecticut $25 MSRP *