Oliva Nub Humidor + 14 Cigars assortment

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Oliva Nub Humidor + 14 Cigars assortment
What you get:
1 Oliva Humidor Assortment
1 Oliva Nub Humidor
2 Oliva Melanio Torpedo
2 Oliva Melanio Churchill
2 Oliva Melanio Figurado
2 Oliva Melanio Robusto
3 Oliva Nub 460 Connecticut
3 Oliva Nub 460 Habano
1 84 boveda Seasoning pouch
1 72 boveda
This makes for a fantastic gift for a loved one or yourself! You are all set up from the get-go with a Boveda 84 pack to leave in the humidor (without any cigars) for 1 week, then replace it with the Boveda 72 until it hardens!
The Oliva Melanio’s are hand rolled using expertly fermented ligero fillers, leaves known for their robust and rich flavor. This special cigar is sure to exceed a premium cigar smoker’s highest expectation. This carefully aged Jalapa blend produces a particularly flavored smoke. Rated 96 and the 2014 Cigar of the Year.
The Oliva Nubs are another great smoke! Ever notice how cigars have a “sweet spot”?  Well, this Nub’s sweet spot is from the minute you light it all the way to the last puff! This is a rich, smooth, and buttery smoke that is sure to please.