Cigar God 15 ct. Holiday Assortment

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If you are looking for the perfect variety gift pack, look no further! This winter, we’re already stuck in our routine and in the house...let’s make sure you also aren’t stuck with the same old cigar!


The Cigar God Holiday assortment highlights the importance of variety. At Cigar God, we have hand-picked a diverse assortment of premium, high-end, brand name cigars for your enjoyment this holiday. With this assortment, you would be sure to get a perfect blend of mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. Not to mention, these hand-picked, flavor diverse, high quality cigars will be available to you at 30% discount— rest assured that these quality cigars wouldn’t be available to you at this price anywhere else! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. The Cigar God Variety Assortment pack is just the amount of variety and flavor you need!


1) E.P. Carrillo Pledge Prequel

2) My Father Le Bijou Torpedo

3) E.P. Carrillo Encore Valientes

4) Aging Room Maestro

5) Plasencia Generacion V

6) Steve Saka Umbagog Churchill

7) Ashton Classic Churchill

8) Tatuaje Black Label Cazadores

9) Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Presidente

10) La Palina No. 1 Toro Sumatra

11) AVO Syncro Ritmo 30 Years

12) Oscar 2012 Oscuro

13) Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Real Toro

14) AVO Classic #2

15) Padron 90th Natural