EPC Short Run Retro Extended Play

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These rare cigars have only been sent to 150 retailers, and we're one of them! 

When Ernesto Perez-Carrillo started EPC Cigar Co in 2010, one of his first brands was the Short Run. The idea was to produce limited batches of cigars using small parcels of tobacco. He brought back the concept with the Retro Short Run!

The Short Run Retro consists of three sizes, with names of the vinyl records that Perez-Carrillo enjoys, particularly “Spain” by Chick Corea, which he listens to over and over while working on a blend. Short Play, a robusto measuring 5 by 50, is the cigar equivalent of a music single. Extended Play, a 6-by-52 toro, is like a half-length album, and Long Play, the fattest of the trio (6 by 60) is comparable to a standard vinyl LP.