Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Shark (Et tu, Brute)

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  • Size: 5 1/2 x 52
  • Country: Nicaragua


Yes, the spelling is a little weird, thats because the name comes from Julius Caeser Newman, the founder of J.C. Newman cigars. This cigar was created to celebrate the company’s 115th anniversary and to honor the founding father’s 135th birthday.

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is a limited production treat that’s rolled in small batches by the Fuente family. With a 93-rating, this cigar easily fits in with the elite crowd. The Ecuador Havana-seed wrapper is wrapped around a Dominican binder, and featuring a mix of Caribbean basin and Central American fillers, this gem of a cigar is absolutely amazing! Look out for flavors including rich coffee, sweetness, spice, and wood. 

*These are extremely hard to come by, so if they're in stock, stock up!