L'Atelier La Mission 1959

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Country: Nicaragua

Size: 4 3/4 x 52


You’re probably aware or the Tatuaje Cigar brand. What you may not know is Pete Johnson has an experimental company called L’Atelier. The La Mission 1959 is a previous #4 cigar in the Cigar Aficionado. It is lightly box pressed presented with a beautiful pig tail on the cap.

The Year 1959 marked the end of the Cuban Revolution but it also led to the birth of a new premium cigar industry that invented themselves outside of Cuba.
This cigar has a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The tobacco on the inside is grown by Garcia family. This is a truly extraordinary cigar! Look for hints of salted caramel, walnuts, and spice throughout the cigar. This was rated 96 for a reason. If they’re in stock, go for it!