Opus X & Casa Fuente Rare assortment

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Another day another ultra-rare Arturo Fuente assortment! Here we have the two obvious stand outs, the OpusX Oro Oscuro Suoer Beliciso and the Casa Fuente Belicoso Fino. These two cigars are near impossible to get right now so here’s your shot at them along with 7 other stellar high end Arturo Fuente cigars!


1) Opus X Oro Oscuro Belicoso Fino

2) Casa Fuente Super Belicoso

3) Gran Reserva Double Chateau Natural

4) Don Carlos #2

5) 8-5-8 Natural

6) Petite Corona Maduro

7) Gran Reserva Chatau Natural

8) Gran Reserva Cheateau Maduro (picture displays sun grown)

9) Hemingway Best Seller