Plasencia Alma Fuerte Eduardo

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  • Size: 6 1/4 x 54
  • Wrapper:  Colorado Claro
  • Country: Nicaragua

This cigar is named after Eduardo Plasencia who was the first member of our family to grow tobacco after he moved from the Canary Islands, to Cuba in 1865. Fast forward to 2022 we are now on the 5th generation of Plasencias and this cigar was special to us to pay homage to Eduardo Plasencia, the creator of our legacy.

Nestor Andres states, “It is important for us to continue to acknowledge our family history and use our ancestors as inspiration as we go forward. Eduardo Plasencia took a major risk by crossing the Atlantic Ocean to start farming tobacco in a faraway land. Without him, there would be no Plasencia tobacco family.”

Plasencia Alma Fuerte, a unique blend of our best-aged tobaccos, grown in our highest quality soil, accentuating their bold, vibrant and intense flavors.  Laced with hints of dark chocolate, plum, and cinnamon, the taste is rounded out with finishing notes of oak and molasses.