Privada Cigar Club Uncle Paulie’s Deli Robusto

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Brian Desind:

"YO! Let me take you to the hottest city in the country right now: Los Angeles. EVERYONE who is anyone in fashion, film, tech, art, music or design wants to be in LA. Even iconic New Yorkers such as D-nice, Jay-Z and Casey Neistadt are switching teams and moving west. Now let me tell you about Mr. Jon Buscemi. Jon grew up in Long Island New York, skateboarding and listening to hip hop. He is a fellow sneaker collector. He HUSTLES HARD! And after a stint at being a stock broker, he decided it wasn’t for him and he ended up working as a creative in fashion and eyewear for some very iconic brands. He is Italian through and through, and incredibly down to earth and sweet. After building his name and network in the fashion world, he started his own sneaker company called BUSCEMI and became wildly successful. He, like the aforementioned, moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. After surveying the food scene, he decided LA is missing a good Italian NY style deli. He called his cousin Paulie in Queens and the rest is history. Bringing a modern take on the old school Italian deli, the pair created Uncle Paulie’s Deli."


"Tasting Notes: On the body I get oats, sweet tobacco and half and half cream. The foot is red wine vinegar and dried peach. The cold draw is Cheerios, apricot tea, dried fruits and sweet grass. The first third is honey nut cheerios, amaretto, green tea and white pepper. I get some roasted nuts, sweet creamy smoke and a buttery quality. I keep waiting for the standard Connecticut shade bitterness to arrive and it never happens. Super impressed thus far. The second third begins with hints of florals, sweet croissant, creamy smoke, buttery mouth feel and more of the oats/grain. There is also an ever so slight citrus that reminds me of sprite. The third third get warmer and rounder in flavor. The almond reappears along with buttered toast. There is a lemongrass citrus and the florals are present as well. Reminds me of chai tea. If I didn’t know any better I would think this is a Cuban cigar in the final third. Pairing notes: Coffee all day. I call this the Good Morning for a reason. Tea with honey. After a breakfast of pancakes or French toast. With an espresso that has some sugar and a lemon rind. With a cream or root beer soda. After an Italian sandwich or a BLT (Uncle Paulie’s makes the best BLT you will ever have). With brandy, bourbon, dry white wine or pilsner beer. With caramel or white chocolate anything or after a bowl of cereal. Please tag @unclepauliesdeli and show some love the Privada way. Next time you are in Los Angeles stop in for a sub and tell them PCC sent you. PEACE!"