Rare Halloween Tatuaje & Viaje assortment

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BOO! No, you’re not just seeing things, this Halloween assortment is not a ghost, it is REAL! This assortment features some of Tatuaje and Viaje’s rarest Halloween goodies! To pay homage to Pete Johnson's "Unlucky 13", we are featuring 13 cigars in this ultra rare assortment. If this assortment is in stock, treat yourself!

1) Tatuaje Frank Reduxe

2) Tatuaje Great Pumpkin

3) Viaje Full Moon

4) Viaje Full Moon

5) Viaje Full Moon Edicion Limitada

6) Tatuaje Skinny Monster Frank

7) Tatuaje Skinny Monster Drac

8) Tatuaje Skinny Monster Face

9) Tatuaje Skinny Monster Jason

10) Tatuaje Skinny Monster Wolf

11) Tatuaje Belle Encre

12) Tatuaje Black Label Cazadores

13) Tatuaje Black Label Robusto