Tatuaje T110 Hab. PCA exclusive pack

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As if the T110's weren't rare enough, we have the PCA Exclusive T110 Habano! The only way to get these as a retailer was to go to the PCA show in Vegas and place our order in person. You also get the Tatuaje Black Label Toro, which is another PCA exclusive cigar! These packs are extremely limited so if they're in stock, don't hesitate!


1) TatuajeT110 Habano (PCA exclusive)

2) Tatuaje T110 Habano (PCA exclusive)

3) My Father Le Bijou (former #1 cigar)

4) Tatuaje Black Label Toro (PCA exclusive)

5) Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf

6) Tatuaje Avion 13

7) My Father Opulencia Toro Gordo