Viaje 15th Anniversary Gold

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Size: 6 1/4 x 52

The box is HUGE! It is 14 x 14 x 2 inches, and the cover is made to hang up on the wall!

IT’S AN ANNIVERSARY! - This month we invite you to join us in celebrating 15 years!  2007 marked the start of the adventure and here we find ourselves 15 years later continuing to push the boundaries. To celebrate this milestone we have carefully crafted 3 special blends for you to choose from. All three anniversary smokes are Nicaraguan puros crafted in Esteli, Nicaragua.

There’s more!  These beautifully constructed boxes have been specially designed to not only house the anniversary smokes, but to enable you to display the lid art.  The back of the lids have a specially designed notch that allow them to be hung by a nail on any wall. So, pop the lid and hang for immediate wall amplification.

Most importantly we want to thank our family of retailers and devoted fans for continuing on our “journey” together as we look forward to the next 15 and beyond with all of you. - Viaje

Why small batch? Well, there are many reasons. Quality, consistency and most importantly, this is where I get my inspiration. If you enjoy mass produced cigars, you are in the wrong place. We use tobacco sparingly to execute our vision of what a cigar should look and taste like. Viaje represents the boutique in every sense of the word. This is what I enjoy, this is what I provide, and this is my promise. Join us in the revolution against mediocrity." - Andre Farkas