Opus X Lost City Piramide

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  • Size: 6 3/8 x 52
  • Country: Dominican Republic

Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City is one of the most exclusive and extraordinary cigars ever created. The blend includes a special summer crop of tobacco grown by Carlito Fuente in 2004 specifically for use in the filming of the movie The Lost City directed by Andy Garcia In the Caribbean region, tobacco is normally cultivated in late winter and early spring, so the summer-grown tobacco in FFOX the Lost City cigars gives them a taste available in no other cigar.

The big Piramide builds on the character of the smaller Lost City sizes. The scent of jasmine is still there, with the addition of floral aromas with an intensity and beauty seldom experienced outside a botanical garden. The heavier notes of black pepper remain, augmented with the tart taste of just-picked cherries. Despite the Piramide’s complex variety of tastes, the flavor is perfectly balanced.