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Brian Desind:

"Tasting Notes: The body has a pungent lemon oil scent with an almost chemical smell like I have smelled before in manufactured furniture. Very unique. I know this cigar is completely natural, so I am very intrigued by this. The foot is lemon oil and slight cedar. The draw tastes like lemon iced tea with notes of dried oregano. Dry oak, salt, baked bread, heavy white pepper retro, and buttery smoke are the start of something special with this one. I get notes of lightly burned butter which I love, along with herbs and dried flowers or some type of floral. Earthy, herby, buttery, minerally, salty with white pepper and dried floral notes enveloping the palate. Further in, I get hints of lemongrass and a slate-like finish with notes of honey as well. And then begin some notes of bread, oak, cinnamon, and butter. We are off to a great start. The second third begins buttery with florals and oaky smoke along with a mineral finish and salty zing. I’m reminded of sunflower seeds. Sweet florals, oak, butter, salt, and a hint of anise every now and then. Some vanilla too. In the final third I get vanilla, oak, florals, slight salt, and a phantom grapefruit note along with wood and minerals. The floral smells remind me a little of marijuana or a pungent flower of some sort. The grapefruit and vanilla mixed with the oak make this thing a superb and unique smoke!"

"Pairing Notes: Amber or lager beer. Cognac. Honey. Bourbon. Cream soda. Cinnamon anything. Orange tea with honey. Toast with butter and coffee with cream and sugar, medium roast. Anything herby like herb-crusted bread or herb butter. Rye whiskey. Flan or vanilla pudding with whipped cream and cinnamon."