Steve Saka Sampler

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At this point, it is very clear that Dunbarton Tobacco Inc. (Steve Saka) is one of if not THE HOTTEST cigar brand on the market. They actually had to stop opening new accounts in order to keep up with their demand!

Here is your chance to try each of his cigars, including the new and super rare Sobremesa Brûlée Blue, all at a fantastic value! These samplers are going to be super limited, so if they're in stock, go for it!

Here's what you get:

1) Mi Querida Gortida

2) Sobremesa Corona Gorda

3) Sin Compromiso Varita Magica

4) Umbagog Toro Toro

5) Brûlée Blue

6) Brûlée Toro

7) Muestra De Saka Unstolen Valor